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Classete can help your brand generate more revenue and gain exposure by getting it in front of more youth based athletes

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Want To Grow Your Brand?

You've worked long and hard to establish your brand in the sports/athletic space, and you're doing great so far. But for some reason you're having trouble getting your brand in front of youth based athletes.

Classlete can help with that! Our custom Classlete Sports Cards and Posters are constantly being shared by youth athletes with their friends, teammates and opposing players.

By having your logo or QR code on our sports cards and posters, your brand will get more exposure with every share in person or online using social media.

Also, ask us about creating a unique Co-Branded Sports Card and Poster design for your brand or organization.

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Classlete Sports Card
Classlete Sports Card Classlete Sports Card Classlete Sports Card
Classlete Sports Card

Generate More Revenue

QR codes are a great way to give your customers discounts and special offers to products and services.

Get these QR codes more exposure by having them displayed on our custom Classlete Sports Cards and Posters. Everytime a sports card or poster gets shared in person or on social media, is an opportunity for you to grow your customer base and generate more revenue.

Contact us today to learn more about how you can generate more revenue with Classlete!

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Build Trust

As a brand, you're always looking for ways to increase social proof and trust with new and existing customers.

By including your brand logo on our custom Classlete Sports Cards and Posters, you're aligning yourself with Classlete. We've worked hard to build a strong brand ourselves, one that is built on the idea of helping high school student athletes balance school, sports and their social lives.

Get in touch with us today to get your brand logo on our products and increase the social proof of your brand!

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Classlete Sports Card

Ready To Grow Your Brand?

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