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Classete can help your kids express themselves and reach their full potential on and off the field of play.

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Want To Give Your Kids The Perfect Gift?

As a parent, you want nothing more than to see your kids reach their full potential and be proud of who they are. Without the right resources, that can prove to be a bit challenging.

That's where Classlete comes in! We have plenty of resources to help your kids improve in school, sports and their social lives.

Our custom Classlete Sports Cards and Posters also give your kids the opportunity to show off their accomplishments and be proud of who they are and who they're becoming!

Classlete Sports Card
Classlete Sports Card Classlete Sports Card Classlete Sports Card
Classlete Sports Card

Resources To Help Your Kids #BalanceItAll

Balancing sports with school and a social life is not easy and as a parent of a high school student athlete, you know that better than anybody. Our resources are carefully curated to give athletes the best athletic, academic and social life product and service providers that your son or daughter shouldn't be without.

With discounts and links on everything from tutoring classes to athletic programs, we're confident you'll to find a resource for your kids specific needs.

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Show Off Your Kids Accomplishments

When your kids make you proud you want to tell everyone, and with Classlete you can do that!

Classlete gives high school student athletes the opportunity to showcase their Stats, GPA and Volunteer Hours with their very own custom Classlete Sports Cards and Posters.

Order a pack of 20, 40, or 100 printed Classlete Sports Cards, and hand them out at the next family function!

And don't forget about getting that Classlete Poster that can be placed on their bedroom wall, just like the pros.

Ready To Help Your Kids #BalanceItAll?

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