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Classete can help your organization attract and retain high school student athletes, while creating co-branding and revenue or donation generating opportunities for your organization.

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“Without a question, sports card memorabilia is on the rise again, and we want to provide the optimal football experience for our members to capture their best moments in the game they love to play while increasing the visibility of our brand online each time their Classlete Sports Card is shared on social media”

Aaron Geisler, Football Canada Executive Director.

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Want To Help Your Athletes #BalanceItAll?

Everyday there are kids that look to sporting organizations and programs to find a sense of belonging and purpose. They want to feel seen, appreciated, and a part of a family.

Classlete can help with that! Our custom Classlete Sports Cards and Posters allow student athletes to showcase their on and off the field accomplishments.

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Classlete Why Not Us Sports Card
Classlete Sports Card Classlete Sports Card Classlete Sports Card
Classlete Sports Card

Help Them Feel Seen

Young athletes may feel like their accomplishments, both on and off the field of play, are not being recognized. There's no tangible way for them to showcase these achievements in a cool way while sharing it with their friends, family and teammates on social media.

With custom Classlete Sports Cards, athletes can not only show off their on field stats like goals, points and wins, but also their off field accomplishments like their GPA and Volunteer Hours.

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Become A Family

Providing young athletes with a sense of belonging and comradery with their teammates and peers is vital to their success.

With 12 different colors to choose from resulting in over 144 unique design combinations to match your school's branding, custom Classlete Sports Cards gives you the ability to let all your athletes represent your organization to the fullest! Add your organization logo, team names, and coaches well.

With options to add your organization's logo or QR codes that when scanned from the viewer, can help drive web traffic to a particular sponsor or offer, give your high school student-athletes the opportunity to feel a part of something worth getting up for.

Bonus - Click below to inquire about our revenue-generating opportunities for your organization as well.

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"Our goal is to deliver value-added benefits and programming powered by our partners to get more young people in Canada to play football, which is an objective shared by the Classlete Team".

Aaron Geisler, Football Canada Executive Director

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