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“Without a question, sports card memorabilia is on the rise again, and we want to provide the optimal football experience for our members to capture their best moments in the game they love to play while increasing the visibility of our brand online each time their Classlete Sports Card is shared on social media”

Aaron Geisler, Football Canada Executive Director.

Our Amazing Partners

Football Ontario and Classlete Partnership Why Not Us and Classlete Partnership Michigan Girls High School Hockey and Classlete Partnership Mathstronauts and Classlete Partnership FSL, TMU, FMZ, MLSE Logos Haltech


Please accept the calendar invite emailed to you and feel free to forward this invite to any others.

Included in the invite will be the web conference link for all participants to join.

You will also be sent 2 reminder emails prior to our session.

So, please show up and don't miss out as we will have a special incentive that we will provide.

Looking forward to sharing how your athletes can capture their best sporting moments and how you can generate an additional revenue stream, fundraise and generate branding opportunities for your organization and athletes.


Chris James
Founder & CEO

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