Voted as the first ever Ms Basketball Canada, an Olympian from Toronto, Canada, a hotbed for up and coming basketball players. Tristan Thompson of the Cleveland Cavaliers and Andrew Wiggins now with the Minnesota Timberwolves. #WeTheNorth

Check out todays epidose with Alisha Tatham as we cover everything from sibling rivalries, the do’s and don’ts of recruitment, and being a female in sports.

  • We cover a lot including:
    • Sibling Rivilaries
    • What it is like being an Olympian and having Michael Phelps and Kobe Bryant attend their games
    • What type of Student Athlete She Was. Was she the Book Smart Nerd, the Life of the Party, the prototypical Jock or was she balanced?
    • We cover the Do’s and Don’t’s of Recruitment
    • We discuss a time when Alisha almost quit
    • Being a female in sports
    • And we cover off what Alisha is up to nowadays helping out the community as a Motivational Speaker and starting her Love Live Hop mentorship initiative for young women involved in basketball.

All that and more coming up next, LETS GO!

Recruitment Do’s and Don’t’s (14:15)


  • Do your research – Understand the process and what it takes to get there. Ask the right questions that will help you make this important decision. The questions you should ask include:
    • How is playing in front of you?
    • What year are they?
    • Do they start?
  • Do get help – From someone that you trust and has been a part of the recruitment process previously.
  • Do understand the Academic requirements – this will determine if you are suitable to meet this threshold and determine whether or not you can even play.
  • Do understand the overall Requirements to get into a particular school.


  • Don’t embrass yourself and family on Social Media – display a good image, not a fake, negative or disparaging image.

You can find Alisha Tatham here on LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and email at

If you are a coach, parent or high school female basketball player, I would encourage you to connect with her particularly about the Love Live Hoop initiative she is doing alongside with Felon Harris and Kalisha Keane.

You can also view a recent YouTube video with Alisha and Kalisha at a Love Live Hoop clinic.

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