Thanks for tuning into the Podcast where we help high school student athletes be above their class, both on and off the field of play.

In this first Classlete Podcast episode 000, you listen to Chris James who is the Founder and CEO of Classlete, Inc. As a former student athlete himself who played both basketball and football in high school where we won a provincial championship in each sport, listen to his story as he talks about his humble beginnings growing up in the projects of Jane and Finch in Toronto to life after sports running a social membership platform to assist North American high school student athletes balance it all between their athletics, academics and social life.


As a Canadian born athlete with a background in playing as a wide receiver at York University in Toronto, he has interviewed everyone from current and former professional athletes, Olympians, a sports neuroscientist and sports media personalities on the Classlete podcast now available on iTunes and the Stitcher Radio app.

Today, outside of building, he is a proud husband and father of two kids. and Grunt Performance has created a sport-specific workout that you can download for free and enable you to build a solid foundation as an athlete and dominate at the sport you love. You can get it in either of the below 2 ways:

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In this 30-minute episode, listen to Chris discuss:

  • What is and aims to be for young high school student athletes.
  • How his humble background growing up in an under-privileged environment has influenced him to build
  • The 3 main things aims to accomplish moving forward for high school youth involved in sports.
  • Why we want sports to be fun again through making your own Classlete Sports Card.
  • Why we aim to educate in an entertaining and relevant way.
  • Why aims to create social change through social sharing.
  • Some info on our Classlete Badges and Classlete Points.
  • What to expect for the future of and coming podcast episodes.
  • And how your input can help better the next evolution of


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