In today’s Classlete Podcast episode 005 we chat with a former basketball coach and now Founder of a JUEL of Ontario, which is Ontario’s elite competitive girls basketball league.

If you are looking for a great opportunity to obtain a scholarship either in the CIS or NCAA within girls basketball or just play for the love of the game with top talent, look no further. Their focus on training and basketball development is second to none.

What we love most about JUEL of Ontario is that it is built with a student athlete-first approach with a moderate schedule given that their league coincides with the school year.

Here are some facts about JUEL of Ontario:

  • 5th year of operation.
  • Sanctioned by the Ontario Basketball Association (OBA).
  • Over 300 elite female student athletes under the age of 19 years old.
  • 14 Teams across Ontario with separate prep teams and 2 Divisions.
  • Each team will play 26 regular season games.
  • Each team will play a maximum of 4 games over 3 days during “Regular Season Weekends” with a Maximum of 2 games per day.
  • All games are recorded and archived online for playback.
  • Regular season games ideally will be played on University and/or College floors, making all floor markings FIBA standards (i.e. 48 minute/12 minute quarters vs. high school 32 minutes total/8 minute quarters)
  • The shot clocks are built in for consistency – perfect for those who wish to get familiar with the rules at the next level.


In this 40-minute episode, Fergy and I discuss:

  • What makes JUEL of Ontario different than any other amateur competitive league
  • What the biggest challenge and difference is when comparing women’s basketball vs. men’s basketball
  • Why being a student of the game and fundamentals are bigger than your talent
  • What every young athlete who is trying out for any competitive elite club should do to garner the attention of the coaches and peers to earn his or her spot on the team
  • What Classlete Type (hyperlink to blog on this) he believes his league of elite girl basketball players are comprised of
  • What common mistakes young athletes make in trying to balance it all athletically, academically and socially
  • What JUEL of Ontario does to better it’s athletes above and beyond basketball
  • The importance of being a well-rounded athlete especially in trying to get recruited
  • And what aspiring coaches can do to coach competitively and become better


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