Flow Classlete Virtual Sports Card


Introducing the Classlete Flow High School Virtual Sports Card!


Choosing the journey of a high school athlete requires the ability to ride the tides.  There will be mornings you can barely get up from being so sore.  There will be afternoons occupied under fluorescent classroom lights.  Heck, there also may be evening games of your blood, sweat and tears coupled with dimmed lights studying late at night.


Regardless of whatever stage of the adventure that you are at, trust your unique ability to be adaptable in all climates, to be fluid in every social exchange and be a chameleon to those that you deem suspect.


As you skate, swim, jump or sprint on the field of play, remind yourself of how easily you ebb and flow around the competition, how you charge through that paper that is due or how you spit game to those that you put on notice.


Think of the popular rappers J Cole from Dreamville North Carolina or Quavo who is part of the leading hip-hop group The Migos.  Each continues to showcase their ability to outflow their rivals and while on camera, highlight their ability to get buckets on the basketball hardwood.


Create a new movement, establish your own stream and catch your own Flow.


Get your custom Classlete Flow High School Virtual Sports Card today!


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Product Description

What’s Included:

  • Customized with your first/last name, sport position, jersey number, team name, # of badges earned and Classlete Type on the front and the back of the card.
  • Show off your G.P.A., Community Volunteer Hours and 3 highlighted sports stats on the back of the card
  • Choose from 12 different colors.
  • Feel free to regenerate and share your Virtual Classlete Sports Card on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter as your change your Sport, Stats, G.P.A. and Community Volunteer hours to show off your progression.