Maverick Classlete Virtual Sports Card


Many high school student athletes can be considered trendsetters or outliers.  You likely wake up earlier than most of your classmates do.  You probably are up later than your peers completing homework or special assignments.  And in all likelihood, you have a high tolerance for pressure and pain than your average peers.

As unfair as life may seem to have to carry a high level of responsibility vs others, trust that what you are learning and developing today will pay dividends for tomorrow.

Be unconventional and live your life on and off the field of play to the fullest.  Get your custom Maverick Classlete Printed High School Poster today!

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Product Description

What’s Included:

  • Customized with your first/last name, sport position, jersey number, team name, # of badges earned and Classlete Type on the front and the back of the card.
  • Show off your G.P.A., Community Volunteer Hours and 3 highlighted sports stats on the back of the card
  • Choose from 12 different colors.
  • Feel free to regenerate and share your Virtual Classlete Sports Card on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter as your change your Sport, Stats, G.P.A. and Community Volunteer hours to show off your progression.