signs you are being recruited for college

The signs you are being recruited for college sports can be both very obvious and subtle. However, these signs will give you all the confidence you need.  Consider the scenario below:

It’s the middle of the school year and your game has never been better. You are in game shape, performing at your peak and you are mentally able to handle the the rigors endured as a high school student athlete.

Your grades and time management are so good you don’t even need a tutor (link to signs you need a tutor).

A 2013 NCAA report states that out of all the major NCAA sports (i.e. Football, Basketball, Baseball, Soccer, Volleyball, and Hockey), just 6% of total high school student athletes make the jump from high school to college.

So how do you know for sure that you are one of the lucky few who is actively being recruited?

Before we get into the below list, check out our post on the 5 Signs You Are NOT Being Recruited to ensure you don’t fall victim to missing these hints.

The below list will help you determine if you are seriously being recruited by that poker-faced looking coach.


  1. Official Visits To See You

If a school is going to invest travel costs, time and other unnamed resources – and you are the best player on the team – chances are you are being recruited.

The chances increase more if the coach interacts with you and your coach.

An official visit is no guarantee that you are getting a free ride scholarship. However, the coach and his staff saw something in recruitment video and profile that warranted a closer and more interactive look.

Official visits under these conditions show a great sign that you are being placed as a priority on the coaches recruiting list.


  1. Your Are Invited For An On-Campus Visit

College staff and recruiters know that if they get you on campus and have a successful tour, the chances of recruiting you have increased significantly.

Who wouldn’t want to be shown the campus amenities, perks and exclusives? It’s typically fully funded by the school.

If you get a call to tour a college campus, be sure that you do so with an institution that you have shortlisted as a serious fit as it can be a persuasive pitch.


  1. Numerous Interactions With One Coach

If after viewing you at a game, tournament, camp or showcase you receive numerous calls, text messages and hand written/personal emails from the same coach, chances are you are actively being recruited.

All coaches must comply with the NCAA and CIS rules for recruitment when interacting directly with players and are given pre-determined time frames in which they can do so.

So the fact that the coach is taking an extra interest in you both on and off the field of play is a great sign.

Buying signals from any phone conversations include:

  • Questions around your off-sport interests
  • Questions about your potential major and interest in subjects
  • Specific questions to evaluate your potential fit for their program


  1. Personalized Mail To Your Home Address

Tons of colleges and universities have marketing and recruitment staff that craft letters that go through the mail to your front door. However, if it appears generic and not customized to you nor personalized from the coach, don’t be fooled.

Hand written letters that are personalized and mailed to your address are a good indication that you are being recruited.


  1. You Are Sent a Letter of Intent(LOI) By a School.

You finally made it.

Not to be confused with a personalized and mailed letter, for the players who are offered a scholarship at the DI, DI-AA, CIS and DII levels you cannot sign the letter of intent (LOI) until a predetermined time of each year.

This letter is your meal ticket and your parents may celebrate it like a lottery. Trust me, you’ll know it when you receive it as it usually comes Fed-Ex or via some other source of expedited mail.

Signs You Are Being Recruited For College

There may be other clues but the above are some commonly collective ways you may be recruited more seriously than others. Whether it is an onsite visit to see you, an invitation to see them or numerous interactions through various communication methods, be sure to bring your “A” game and take their interest seriously.

Remember, you don’t get to choose the school, only the interested schools choose you.


Tell us in the comment section below, what other signs have you seen that lead you to feel like you were being recruited? What annoys you about the recruitment process the most?


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-The Classlete Team


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