Make Extra Money During The School Year

The financial demands of a student athlete can be make any average teen flat out broke the majority of the year. This leads many student to be more creative to make extra money during the school year

A 2011 Boy Scouts of America survey revealed that 33% of youth below the age of 18 do not receive a weekly allowance from their parents.  So whether you belong to the group of the “have’s” or “have not’s”, how do you squeeze the little free time you have to reward yourself for that new pair of shoes, cell phone or video game?

With that said, here are 5 surefire ways to make a little extra coin while you can to look, feel and perform your best on and off the field of play:

  1. Sell Some Stuff

With websites such as eBay, Kijiji and Craigslist – amongst a host of others – the ability to sell extra items you no longer have need of has never been easier.

  • Do you have an old laptop that someone else can use?
  • How about parting ways with one of those earphones?
  • Got an old PlayStation, Xbox or Wii controller lying around?

Finding items to sell and a market to sell it to isn’t as hard as you may think.  Do some research on the going price for similar refurbished items in your area and start posting.


  1. Become a Tutor

You may think this task may only be for the nerds in your school, but if you passed middle school, you can definitely lend a helping hand to someone who is younger than you.

Do a Google search for local elementary or middle school tutoring services and tons of options should be made available.  If not, then that would simply mean the obvious demand/need for tutoring has not met the supply/availability for it in your area, which would be a prime scenario for you to setup shop and really cash out.

It’s simple economics, which can result in some real dollars and cents.

Couple this with the good feeling of helping out the next generation behind you, and you are well on your way.  It may help beef up your already blossoming resume as a student athlete for the future.


  1. Become a Freelance Artist

The word “freelance” may sound a bit scary and professional but it means simple rendering your independent work when possible around your time schedule vs. having to do so at a fixed job.  This is perfect for busy student athletes who have picked up a talent or two outside of sports such as:

  • Graphic Designing – Create a flyer, web design, or Facebook cover
  • Web Development – Code a web site for someone
  • Writing – Write for a local newspaper, school or blog of interest
  • Video or Audio/Music Production – for yourself or someone else

Although you may still be trading time for dollars, the important thing is that you set the terms and conditions around payment amount, timing, etc.


  1. Help Out At a Youth Sports Or Activity Camp

Many times within your own local community, there are seasonal camps for youth centered on a particular sport or activity.  What’s awesome about this is that you can take your sport’s talent and help teach others the basic fundamentals of the game at an amateur association or community camp – and get paid for it.

One spring in between my high school basketball season and upcoming football season, I earned a couple hundred bucks helping out at a community basketball camp.  The sessions fit within my weekly schedule after school and I had a chance to rub shoulders with some other great athletes who were also helping out at the camp.

It was an absolute win-win scenario and many of them exist within your local surroundings.  So reach out to the organizers of the event ahead of time and see if you can contribute in any way.


  1. Do Some Neighborhood Chores

If doing some extra home chores isn’t filling up your wallet, look no further than doing some neighborhood chores.

Have access to a car?  Why not consider giving neighborhood soccer mom a break and dropping off her kids at practice?

Looking to help the elderly and fit in a great workout?  Why consider helping an elderly lady with her groceries on the way back from school?

Other ideas include:

  • Walking the neighborhood dogs
  • Cutting someone else’s lawn
  • Shoveling someone else’s snow

Most of these suggestions require trust from those hiring you so don’t blow it.  However, when done with diligence and a great attitude, the rewards can be well worth it.


There are always student athlete friendly ways to make money if you’re creative enough to capitalize on your skills.  The Internet coupled with your nearby community has made it increasingly easy to connect with potential customers from the comfort of your home or while you’re on the go.  Therefore, working 4-hour evening shifts are no longer the only way to save up for that much-wanted purchase.

All you have to do is be willing to look, be bold, and take the initiative to turn your skills and passion into some cash, now!

Tell us in the comment section below, what else can or have you done to earn an extra buck during high school as a student athlete?

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-The Classlete Team


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