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No matter how good of a student athlete you may be, learning to deal with annoying high school teachers is a learned skill that takes patience.

Admit it; teachers are a fundamental part of your livelihood – they can either make your life miserable or happily gleeful.  Considering the good grades you must uphold, the awkward parent-teacher interactions throughout the year and the fact that you spend nearly a third of your high school life with them, you better learn to tolerate high school teachers while you can.

However, what commonly happens when Mr. or Mrs. Armstrong starts acting up?  What weird things are you noticing they do?

Although this is different from our list of annoying things our parents do, show your favorite teacher this list so they can knock it off and stop it for good:


  1. They Are Super Sarcastic

You:               “Can I use the restroom please?”

Teacher:       “I don’t know, CAN you?”


Being overly sarcastic sucks and we all can learn how to limit it.

But have you ever had to spend a semester with a teacher who thought he had a good sense of humor and wondered why he was hated for his snobbish and superior remarks?

Have you ever had to sit under florescent lights for 45 minutes too long and endured his or her quirks directed at you that seem comical to the entire classroom but a tad smart-alecky to you?

It made you want to throw your textbook, didn’t it?

High school teachers understand that they are in an authoritative role to you and unfortunately some abuse it.  Although teachers are there to teach and discipline you, they should be careful not to cross that line of being scornful and habitually negative.


  1. They Act Like They Know It All

Have you ever given an answer to a question and after the teacher challenged the validity of your response, they looked at you all flustered after you proved them wrong?

It’s definitely a rare occurrence but when it does happen it’s hilarious.

We all know high school teachers are not expected to be walking dictionaries or online search engines.  However, when their students ask them questions that they really don’t know the answer to, they should fess up and show the class how to find the information for themselves.


  1. They Don’t Understand

Although different than the classic song, Parents Just Don’t Understand” by former rapper and now actor Will Smith, this is a commonly known annoyance on the part of teachers.

My history teacher didn’t understand why I had to leave class early to hop on a bus to participate in a road game and likewise, your English teacher may not as well.

My history teacher also didn’t understand how I still managed to get homework done after not knowing the intricacies of the assignment, and likewise, your Geometry teacher may not as well.

Student athletes find a way to get it done and that doesn’t always mesh well with the old school, antiquated perspective of some of your educators.

Just accept that this is the case and keep it moving.


  1. They Scold or Punish the Class Because Of What One Person Did

This sounds like something a coach or parent would do under different circumstances, right?

Well unlike being tortured by your coach for a fellow teammate arriving late to practice or being grounded by your dad for something your mischievous sibling did, being punished in this situation is different and at the same time more annoying for the following reasons:

  • The accusers’ views or actions do not reflect yours
  • Because you are not related to them nor are they your teammates, you shouldn’t have to suffer with them
  • You came to class to learn and listening to a teacher scold the entire class because of one person is a waste of your time
  • Just because he or she did or said something wrong, that resulted in the whole classroom crying in laughter, doesn’t mean they need to make a public example out of them at your expense


  1. Random Pop Quizzes or Tests

BRUH, this is the worst!

For student athletes, organization is everything.  Sometimes anything that messes with our systemic way of doing daily regimented activities gives us cause for pause.

Nothing does this more than the random pop quizzes your favorite high school teachers give with a heinous smile.  It’s increasingly worse when it’s a surprise test for a course you have 100% absolutely no interest in – and your grades are teetering across the team academic benchmark.

It’s like the killer crossover you never saw coming that gets posted on Instagram.

It’s like the kid who keeps trying to tackle you at your knees.

It’s like that baseball umpire that likes to shout the word “Ball” too much.

The word annoyed can’t contain how you feel when this happens.


High School Teachers Can Be Annoying But Necessary

Remember, teachers are a necessity to your livelihood.  If they wind up making some of the above annoyances, cut them some slack and show them this list.

Tell us in the comment section below, what else do teachers do to annoy you?


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