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Being a high school student athlete is tough.  It is hard as a high school athlete to balance your academic, athletic and social life more than ever before.

More than ever is harder to pursue your academic, athletic and social goals while trying to live it up during your high school glory years.


With balancing school, sports and social life, find out why it is hard as a high school athlete and how Classlete.com can help.

Nutrition & Training

Have you ever heard the saying, “You are what you eat”?

Outside of looking and feeling good, what training techniques can you leverage to have you performing your best?

On the subject of nutrition, in being a serious student athlete, there is now a greater emphasis on nutrition because the majority of our food currently has been altered by the time it gets to you.

Couple this with the amount of sugar and caffeine content we digest in our food and beverages and you have to contend with the jitters followed by the crashing of your system on a day-to-day basis.


Increased Budget Cuts and Competition

Although budget cuts remain constant across North America in high school sports, the popularity of sports continues to be high given that 55% of high school students play organized sports.

I remember in my days when over 10 years ago when the so-called jocks who played sports were a small subset of the school community and would only hang around their crew.

Nowadays, you would be hard pressed to find the majority of youth not involved in team-based or individual competitive sports, all of which also include Dance, Cheerleading, Skateboarding or any other extreme sports.

So with nearly half your school involved in some level of competition, how can you ensure you excel at being your best both on and off the field of play?

With the onset of technology, student athletes are turning to using apps to get a leg up on the competition (link to top apps blog).


I Want To Be Recruited

Colleges and Universities employ their coaches and staff to market towards and recruit the best-of-the-best student athletes across North America.

Yet less than 6% of the overall high school student athletes are recruited to play at the next level in the NCAA. Even worse, of this 3%, only 1% of all student athletes recruited actually achieve the holy grail of a full ride scholarship.

So with increased competition from your fellow peers locally, regionally, nationally and internationally, it’s no wonder why everyone wants to get recruited, right?

  • So who do you trust?
  • Who and what do you leverage to help get you to the next level?
  • What is the right way to go about getting recruited vs. the wrong way?



What about your social life? “What social life,” you ask? Exactly.

In order for student athletes these days to obtain success in any area of their livelihood, they have to have a healthy support system* and a calendar so tightly organized that it would rival any CEO from Fortune 500 company.

Whether that includes unwinding with your favorite video game like NBA 2K18 or Call of Duty or making sure you have swag both on and off the field of play, some really hard decisions need to be made around daily around time management and your finances.



School and Academics

And let’s not forget that you also have to do attend class on time, focus intently on a low tank, and complete any homework assignments and exams after a strenuous practice or game the following night just to remain academically eligible to remain playing the sport you love.

Let’s face it, you will spend up to twice the amount of time in class or doing school/academic related activities than any sport related activities.

So when you spend all night cramming for the GPA changing exam or paper, what exam writing techniques can you do to keep your teacher off your back*.


Mental Toughness and Leadership

Have you ever heard the saying that “Sports is 80% mental”?

Student athletes have to be mentally tough while exemplifying the leadership qualities of Peyton Manning or Lebron James both in the huddle and in the locker room.

But the truth is, high school student athletes are stressed out and struggling. Mental health issues rear its ugly head and cripple some of our brightest and biggest stars even before they have the chance to lift off – see the #YOLO section above.

Oh yeah, let’s not even talk about having to do all this while almost on half the amount of sleep compared to non-student athletes.


It’s Hard as a High School Athlete

Although students athletes may have the most the challenging time in recent history balancing it all academically, athletically and socially, Classlete.com is doing its best to provide a repository of resources revolving around the life of a student athlete.

If you are a high school student athlete, know of one or are a parent or teacher, sign up for our email newsletter by clicking here and you will get a free download of a sports specific workout co-created with the strength and conditioning coaches at Grunt Performance to help you dominate the sport you love playing.


High School Sport Specific Workout Program


And when we beta launch, look out for the following benefits:


  1. Classlete Sports Card – Customize your own personalized online Classlete Sports Card that highlights your academic, athletic and community service accomplishments, which you can upload and share with your friends on social media.
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  7. Save and Work Smart With Our Resources Page – Take advantage of the best apps, tools, products and services that will help you as a high school athlete be above your class both on and off the field of play.

Join us on this journey as we are committed to supporting and helping high school athletes become the top of their class both on and off the field.

So to start, if you have not done so already, be sure to create your profile on Classlete.com for more access and begin your journey to balancing school, sports and your social life today.





-The Classlete Team


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