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Really, what type of high school athlete are you?

Back when I was a high school student athlete, I used to love multiple-choice quizzes. It gave you an opportunity to use deductive reasoning to try to figure out which answer would make the most sense to select.

And if it were only a choice between 4 answers, for example, between A, B, C or D, you would have a 25% chance of either guessing or answering the question correctly.

The answer would literally be staring you right in your face.

What if we took the same concept of a multiple choice survey and coupled it with questions about your life as a high school student athlete?

Questions that revolve around situations such as:

  • How would you handle yourself in social situations, like in a huddle or during your downtime?
  • What decisions will you make during your study time?
  • What is your mindset heading into a key game?
  • What is the first thing you do when you get home?


The Classlete Survey

Introducing the Classlete Survey, a 15-part multiple question survey that addresses key factors about the life of a high school student athlete.


Here are 3 sample questions from the Classlete Survey:


  1. When you study for a big test or exam, you do one of the following:

A) Create study notes to prep for every possible question on
the test.

B) Have caffeine or an energy drink and prep for a long night of cramming.

C) Share and compare study notes with your teammates and classmates.

D) Not study, wing it and just choose or write the best sounding answers.


  1. When at practice, the following best represents how you feel:

A) You can’t wait for it to end so you can talk to your girlfriend/boyfriend or friends.

B) Not give it your all and save your energy for a real game.

C) Glad you did your homework already and it’s out of the way.

D) Take it as seriously as a real game and hone your skills.


  1. What type of activity do you do when you first get home?

A) Play video games.

B) Eat the whole house down and devour your whole fridge

C) Complete your homework so it is out of the way

D) Check your social media feeds or talk on the phone with your friends or girlfriend/boyfriend.


And the cool thing about it is, after completing your Classlete Survey, your answers will determine your Classlete Type (more on this below).

Your Classlete Type will be displayed on your Classlete Sports Card for all to see, particularly when you share it on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for your friends to see.

Also, a star rating system of how you score on your Athletics, Academics and Social Life will be displayed on the Classlete Sports Card. This will be based on how you fill out your user profile and how you answer our fun 15-part multiple question Classlete Survey.



What Type of High School Athlete Are You?  The 4 Classlete Types

Your Classlete Type will be determined by what information you input into your user profile and how you address the questions within the 15-part multiple question Classlete Survey.

There are 4 Classlete Types including:


  1. The Confident Athlete
  2. The Cerebral Athlete
  3. The Social Athlete
  4. The Balanced Athlete


The Balanced Athlete is the Classlete Type we should all aspire to be. Find out why below.

**Note – this is not meant to be scientific or to be taken seriously. This is just a fun way of classifying you as a high school student athlete in an entertaining way.


Here are the descriptions of each Classlete Type


  1. The Confident Athlete

Swagger and physical dominance characterize this type of high school student athlete. But is having too much confidence in your athletic abilities a good thing?


  • A great athlete and overall talent.
  • Excels on the field of play, leads by performing well, usually faster/stronger and can endure past his competition.
  • They are confident in their abilities and they exhibit it for all to see.
  • Typically possesses a good work ethic in their sport but sometimes doesn’t have to due to their talent level.


  • Usually finds academics challenging.
  • Eats, sleeps and lives sports and often too tired, unengaged or uninterested in school.
  • Can be viewed as being superior to others while being too arrogant or cocky.  Can be unsympathetic to one’s feelings.
  • Can sometimes be stereotyped as not being a team player and a Jock.


  1. The Cerebral Athlete

Every team or individual performer needs to take a mental first approach to his or her game, both on and off the field of play. However, is possessing great intelligence while being a thoughtful observer all it takes?


  • Intelligent, book smart and makes well-calculated decisions.
  • Has a passion and zeal for learning new things and can teach others.
  • Disciplined and focused on academics.
  • Analytical and has the mental, leadership and overall intangibles of being an athlete.


  • Can be socially an introvert or shy. May be considered a lone-wolf personality type.
  • Usually uninterested in social hobbies or gatherings outside of sports.
  • Stereotypically may not look like your typical athlete.
  • Susceptible to peer pressure and trying to fit in.


  1. The Social Athlete

Everybody knows this person. Who do you call upon to pick up the spirits of your team during a blowout loss or to arrange the best community or social gathering of the year? But is being popular enough when it comes down to crunch time in a game or to buckle down on your academics?


  • Well known and possesses a great sense of humor.
  • Socially influential and viewed as a likable charismatic personality.
  • Usually good at connecting with others and persuading them to obtain what they want in and outside of sports.
  • Can be a great “glue” teammate and traditionally cares about social causes and the greater community.


  • Can influence others for negative causes or motives.
  • Can be potentially viewed as manipulative by leveraging their social influence.
  • Tends to not focus on schoolwork or academics unless cooperating with friends.
  • Typically looked upon as a class clown and may not be taken seriously by teachers, coaches, teammates or friends.


  1. The Balanced Athlete

Not by any means to be viewed as perfect, but this person has learned or is learning to balance the athletic, academic, and social aspects of being a successful high school student athlete.


  • Currently a good to great talented athlete.
  • Disciplined in school and excels academically.
  • Can be a great social leader both on and off the field of play, especially for community causes.
  • An overall and well-accomplished individual in and outside of sports.


  • Not perfect but may not be dominate in any one area of being a student athlete athletically, academically or socially.
  • Can be viewed as an overachiever.
  • Potentially may not adjust well to standing out amongst underachievers.
  • May be susceptible to jealously and haters, LOL.


So what Classlete Type are you? Do you agree with the each of their strengths and weaknesses?


Find out now by joining Classlete.com, complete your user profile and our fun 15 question Classlete Survey in order to create your own Classlete Sports Card today.

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Join us on this journey as we are committed to supporting and helping high school athletes become the top of their class both on and off the field.





-The Classlete Team



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